Manufacturing High Quality Hot Rolled Steel Products since 1998



Strategic Objectives

To produce quality steel at affordable cost.
Upholding the Steelmakers’ pride for all our employees.
Sustainable growth strategies.
Upholding the quality management philosophy.

Our Vision

To be leaders in the production of steel and related products for the development of the community we live in, using the resources available in the locality especially the human resources.

Our Mission

To establish a well orchestrated production and distribution network to supply quality steel products and services at affordable prices to domestic and regional markets.

Core Values

We believe in integrity through commitment to always produce quality steel whilst adhering to sound principles by following all regulations and giving value for money to all our stakeholders.

Company History

The company was incorporated and it commenced operations in 1998 with two rolling mills to produce light and medium structural steel sections from blooms and billets supplied by the then Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (ZISCO), which is now New Zim Steel (Essar), through a rare but symbiotic relationship. Since then, the company grew venturing into value addition of both upward and downward integration. Its current portfolio includes the following operations:

Four Rolling Mills (100, 000 tons /annum)

Foundry (5,000 tons /annum)

Forged Grinding Media at Kadoma (1,200 tons /annum)

SIMBI – manufacturing Sponge Iron at Masvingo (40, 000 tons/ annum)

Coal Zimbabwe – Coal Mining at Chiredzi (1,000,000 tons /annum)

Oxygas – oxygen production @ 110 CuM per hour or (36, 000 Cylinders / annum)


The company was Incorporated


Oxy-Gas Commissioning

With the increasing demand for Industrial Oxygen Gas in the Smelting Plant, Rolling Mills and the Scrap Yard, the company incurred very high costs through purchasing of this gas, and to curb these costs, an Oxygen Plant in July 2000 was commissioned. The main aim of the Oxygen Plant was to produce oxygen gas for internal consumption within the organization.



Foundry Construction

As production kept on rising, and as the company expanded its operations, a state of the art Foundry was constructed in the year 2001. The main aim of the Foundry was to produce specific equipment and spares; these include Steel Ingot Molds and Slag Pots for the Smelting Plant, ferrous and non-ferrous cast consumables for the Rolling Mills. The Foundry would reduce costs through import substitution.


Foundry & Forging Plant – Kadoma

In September, the company acquired a Foundry and Forging Plant in Kadoma, which proved to be one of the company’s sources of income, producing spares and consumables for local Industry and Mining operations.


Steelmakers Zimbabwe opened a Kadoma sales Deport where customers may get steel at very cheap prices. We have drilled a borehole at the Redcliff plant to enhance quality and continual production since there are some water shortages in Redcliff.


Production Commences

Steel production started in January 1998 in Redcliff (the historical Steel Centre of Zimbabwe and home to ZISCO Steel). The plant was commissioned by the President of The Republic of Zimbabwe, His Excellency, Cde R.G. Mugabe on the 27th of July 1998

hot steel


Steel Melting Plant Construction

When Mill No. 1 started production, the demand for inputs rose to very high levels exceeding their supply. The demand for more inputs was further precipitated by the commissioning of Mill No. 3 and 4 at Steelmakers Unit 2 Plant at Redcliff in August 1999. Due to these factors, it was very necessary for the organization to find a more secure and adequate supply of inputs for the rolling mills and this led to the construction of a Steel Melting Plant in April

2000 whose main purpose was to produce feedstock for the Rolling Mills.



SIMBI Construction Complete

With the vision of spreading its wings wider, the company started venturing into other projects which included, for the first time in Zimbabwe, a Sponge Iron Plant in Masvingo where mined iron ore from Glen Livet, Nyuni Hills is processed into direct reduced iron (DRI). The Sponge Iron Plant would complement facilities at Redcliff making Steelmakers a fully integrated and independent steel manufacturer.


COAL – Chiredzi

The company also opened up scrap collection and processing depots all over the country with an aim of increasing input resource base and reach. With all these projects proving to be fruitful, a key ingredient – Coal, was missing to complete the company’s integration process. Moreover Coal availability was proving to be challenge, given production shortages from existing producers, transport costs etc., and at the same time the company faced some critical shortages of heating energy, particularly Coal Tar Fuel which is used in the Reheating Furnaces as a source of fuel. Shortage of Coal supply led to a sharp decline in the production both at Masvingo and Redcliff, and to reverse this, the company ventured into Coal mining in Chiredzi in 2006. The Coal would be used as a substitute for Coal tar fuel (CTF) and a reluctant in the Sponge Iron manufacturing process at the Masvingo plant.


SMZ and its subsidiaries and divisions are being managed by a group of experts who are well qualified, experienced and versatile in their functions. Below we present profiles of our senior management.

Kalpesh Patel

Managing Director

Upendra Alamwar

Operations Director