Why Work For Us?

We offer equal employment opportunities to all employees despite race, gender, colour, health status. We offer a sound state of equilibrium between the organisation and employees’ needs through career growth, job satisfaction, job security and recognition. We strongly believe in application of synthesized Human Resource Management approaches in such areas as employee development, succession plans, team building, leadership and focus.

Relationship Driven


It is our belief that people give the organisation desired results. Be that as it may, human capital is key component of our strategy hence our effective networking with all employees across the entire business organisation even through various times of change.

Career Opportunities


At Steelmakers, there is equal opportunity to personal and professional growth as we do offer on the job and off the job training to enable skills advancement.

Our organisation offers promotions for various openings to employees who possess relevant experience and qualifications.

Motivation & Support


Apart from rewarding our employees for their experience, qualifications and of course outstanding performance we have strong employee relations and support programs which revolve around four pillars namely; communication, team building, conflict management and empowerment.

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