Steelmakers’s Corporate Social Responsibility stems from the organization’s deep belief in sharing.  The notion that whatever we have, as an organization, can be shared with communities that surround us, so that their lives turn for the better, and that as we grow, they also may grow with us.


There is no doubting the value of education in shaping the course and destiny of humanity.  At Steelmakers, we value education and are particularly passionate about providing equal access to education by supporting those of our society members that are unable to afford it, but whose very lives and future is hinged on it.  The Patel Foundation, a brain child of Steelmakers founding directors, was formed primarily to support children, who are in difficult situations, and who, through fate have lost a breadwinning parent or both, and with it, an opportunity to commence or proceed with their education.  Through the Foundation, smiles and hope have been restored to disadvantaged pupils and students in neighboring schools, whose future, until then, could have been lost in despair.

Through the Foundation, partnerships have been formed with like-minded institutions, such as the Cephas Msipa Scholarship Trust, to assist critically needy students in other parts of the country. We believe this way, future leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals, are being molded, for a better future.


A healthy workforce is a productive and efficient workforce.  The human factor, is the greatest asset in any functional organisation.  Cognisant of this fact, it is Steelmakers’ policy to provide a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplace. Our health, safety and environmental management strategy includes taking account of health, safety and environmental issues in decision making and establishing management systems to assess, control and monitor risks associated with company operations.

We comply with legal statutory instruments aimed at promoting health, safety and environmental management, and where there is no adequate legal provision, apply internal standards that minimize any adverse impacts arising from our operations, products and services. Through induction and ongoing training, each worker is aware of his/her responsibility regarding health, safety and the environment. We also work with organizations that are concerned with health, safety and environment.

Steelmakers operates an industrial clinic, fully staffed with a resident doctor, pharmacist, state certified nurses and aide to take care of staff health issues, as a demonstration of the company’s commitment to the health of its workforce.

Charity having started at home thus, Steelmakers has supported health delivery services institutions such as Kwekwe General Hospital, as well as mobilizing support from others for the upkeep and running of the institution. Our support has not only been premised on the fact that most families of Steelmakers employees make use of its services, but because it is providing a very critical service to the generality of the community in the two mining towns of Redcliff and Kwekwe especially.

Sports and Recreation

Brazilian soccer legend, Edison Arantes do Nascimento better known by the pseudo name, Pele, once described soccer as ‘the world’s most beautiful game’.  Sport unites, and is a peaceful pass time activity loved and followed by many, the world over.

In our several forays into supporting sport, our primary objective has been to uplift the levels of sport in our environs to professional standards. Steelmakers is involved in the promotion of grassroot football development, through structures in the region as well as cricket.  Year 2011 saw us part-sponsoring Redcliff based Air Defence Football Team, Air Stars fulfill their ZIFA Central Region Division 2 mandate. This to us is a worthy investment.

Our focus this year has been on developing our own football talent, by working on promoting our company team with the intention of having same registered with the ZIFA league, without negating our responsibility to the outside community of course.

Disaster Relief

When shocking news of a fire outbreak at Mary Ward Children’s Home in Amaveni, Kwekwe, filtered through, our Disaster Relief Team was on hand to move in and clear the charred rubble and bring down the badly damaged roof to the dormitory to avert further danger. Such has been our responsibility in the community, where Steelmakers has put in place an ad-hoc team that is ready to assist in cases of sudden disaster or catastrophe as relevant professional help is awaited. We feel we have a role to play in the society we are stationed in.

Humanitarian Assistance

Food and shelter are very basic necessities for any human being to survive, to the very extent that they have been categorized as ‘basic rights’ by international bodies engaged in humanitarian assistance in collaboration with governments the world over.  Steelmakers has sought to fulfill its part as a responsible corporate citizen, through support to various old peoples’ homes, children’s homes, as well as needy institutions and individuals in its areas of operation, and at times yonder.  Such support has taken the form of clothing, blankets, periodic food distribution and other necessities as dictated by the institutions’ or individuals’ needs. The organization has also partnered with local municipal authorities in various projects that aim to uplift the area, as well as annual participation in and support for the Annual Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund whose proceeds are channeled to charity.


Business flourishes best in a crime free environment, but morden crime has taken a very stealth form in recent years.  Leaving the combating of crime to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) alone would be asking too much from a force with limited resources.  Steelmakers has worked with and supported the ZRP in fulfilling its security and peace maintenance mandate through various donations relevant to their needs, and supporting their activities especially in the Redcliff and Kwekwe areas.  The organization has also joined the Midlands Business Against Crime Forum that seeks to combat crime in the Midlands Province, and Steelmakers Chief of Security is the Forum’s Treasurer. The company also supported and participated in the recent launch of the Anti-Corruption campaign by the ZRP in Torwood, as a sign of our commitment to a corrupt free community.