Mr. Patel has conceived, implemented and operated several steel enterprises in East Africa, DRC and Southern Africa.  He has been a pioneer and leading manufacturer in steel related facilities in Africa, with over 45 years of experience in the industry.

Mr.Rasik has initiated ways of generating raw materials and alternative metallic for steel relating in Africa like Sponge Iron Plant at Masvingo.  His visions are also far reaching and innovative.  Self sustenance in Zimbabwe has been his vision and as a result, the Oxygen Plant, Steel Melting Plant, Foundry, Sponge Iron Plant, Iron Ore Mines, Lime Stone Quarries and Coal Mines have materialized in Zimbabwe well before the adversities of the economic situation in the past years could affect the operations of SMZ in Zimbabwe.

Mr Patel’s visions and active actions have made Steelmakers Zimbabwe one of the fastest developing companies in the country in recent times.