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The company was granted mining rights in April 2006 and commenced operations in May of the same year. The primary objective of the mining venture was to meet internal coal demands for operations at the Masvingo sponge iron plant. It is located in the Masvingo Mining District in Chiredzi.
Mining capacity: 250000 tons per month

Crushing plant capacity: 100000 tons per month
Available coal sizes: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-30mm, 30-50mm, 50-100mm
Mining Method: Open Cast mining

The mining area covers 2742 hectares with both coking and steam coal available for exploration. The area has an estimated life span of 90 million tons of coal.
The mine is strategically located with a good road and rail network (25kms from the railway line) and that links it to the following destinations; Botswana, South Africa, DRC and Zambia.

Beneficiation of Coal

Industries that use coal specify a range of properties that are required for their intended process. Coal is treated in a process called ‘beneficiation’ to prepare a material that meets the customer requirements and is as homogeneous as possible. Samples of coal from both cores and mines are taken to determine the treatment that must be performed. Preparation plants that perform specific beneficiation processes are constructed as near as possible to the location where the coal is mined.

Three kinds of processes are performed at our plants;

  • Sizing, controlled by a crushing and screening process
  • Increasing heating value, by removing noncombustible ash and rock by gravity separation,
  • Removing and controlling undesirable mineral and chemical components (sulfur, sodium, and trace elements) by a combination of gravity separation and blending.

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