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Sponge Iron Division - Masvingo

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Trading as SIMBI, the Sponge Iron manufacturing facility at Masvingo was commissioned in December 2004 for the purposes of supporting the steel plant at Redcliff. The objective was to use raw sponge iron as a substitute for scrap metal which was in short supply.

The project was commissioned in three phases, with the first phase currently producing 54,000 tons of sponge iron per annum. On completion of the second phase the output is expected to double to 108,000 tons per annum. The third and final phase of the project will see the plant producing 162,000 tons of sponge iron per annum, ensuring a steady and guaranteed supply of raw material for the steel plant.

The mining process uses the latest technology, ensuring a quality end product in line with the Steelmakers quality management philosophy.

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